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BioTrak - Automated School Attendance and NSLP System

Our automated school attendance and National School Lunch Program ( NSLP) system, called BioTrak, creates attendance and NSLP reports with just the touch of a student's finger! BioTrak saves money, creates flawless reports and is simple to use, impossible to fool!


  • Very little staff time needed
  • Little or no staff training required
  • Reduces staff needs up to 2000 hours a year
  • 100% accurate and on-time reports
  • Indisputable record of attendance
  • Win the confidence and trust of stakeholders
  • Win FTE audits
  • Win NSLP audits
  • No hardware to purchase or maintain
  • Web based system - no computer software required
  • One day installation and setup
  • No IT support needed
  • Works with any  computer, smartphone or tablet


  • Daily and monthly attendance reports
  • NSLP Edit Check and Meal Roster reports
  • Daily color image capture of student
  • Data backed up daily
  • Send attendance emails to stakeholder
  • Send text and emails to student's guardian
  • Display informational and encouragement message to students when they check in
  • All our systems are subscription based, meaning there is no capital outlay for the school

Informational Slide Show:

BioTrak Day School Features.pdf

Customer comments:

Morris A. - " I am not a fan of technology, but BioTrak is the exception. Easy to use, great support (although seldom needed) and allowed me to reduce my staff needs by two. I think the difference is that the program was developed for DJJ day programs. Job well done!

Jason C. - "When we first started using BioTrak, we were hoping to eliminate errors in our attendance and lunch program reports.  It has done that and much more. Not only do we have 100% accurate reports, but we won what would have been a costly FTE audit, our DJJ contract was renewed because our attendance data is irrefutable and the savings in staff time allowed me to reduce my staff by one person...."