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Video Documentation

When combined with Remote VideoVideo surveillance Observation, Video Documentation gives you indisputable evidence to quickly and fairly resolve disputes and allegations.  In addition, Video Documentation gives you an impartial tool for use in the evaluation of student and staff performance and in the creation of staff training programs.

All our systems are subscription based, meaning there is no capital outlay for the school.

Customer Comments:

Samuel J. "This system prevented staff from making a serious mistake that would have sent an innocent kid to the juvenile detection center. During class, a teacher upon hearing a noise turned around and saw a boy staying next to a broken laptop laying on the floor. The student claimed he did not do it, but another student said he saw the boy throw the computer to the floor.  The teacher did not known who to believe, but the accused boy had a history of bad behavior so the teacher assumed the obvious.  Within minutes I reviewed the video and clearly saw the "witness" push the computer to the floor behind the other boys back.  As a side note, the falsely accused boy's attitude toward staff  improved significantly knowing that staff care enough to find the truth..."